Leash Reactivity Class

There is hope! Your dog can be chill and calm and open a world of opportunity!

There is a whole WORLD out there for you and your dog to explore and sniff and meet and enjoy.

But a dog that is reactive to others isn't experiencing that full world, and you aren't either.

But you CAN. And you should. Your dog wants to love everything you do, and when something is scary, they try to protect you both.

And that's where we'll help YOU help your dog. You'll become a super strong team and you'll help your dog through the triggers that cause them to react.

We'll help you teach them that life is okay, and it's even better when you're beside them, and that life out there meeting others, seeing others, sniffing others, and watching others is a pretty dang awesome life.


What makes the difference with our behaviour modification?

Trust-based, relationship-building, proven

What's our secret? It's not just how we do it, it's who we have doing it! Our force-free trainers have studied extensively the latest in effective training, have extensive-hands-on experience, are certified through comprehensive training programs and are CPDT candidates.

Our proven training methods using the latest in research and approaches will not only strengthen your relationship with your dog, but will have your dog responding faster, more consistently, and will echo throughout your and their life for overall positive changes.


➡️ No more switching sides of the street on walks

➡️ No more putting your dog in a room when you have guests

➡️ No more explaining your dog really is truly wonderful but just doesn't do well on a leash

➡️ No more missed playdates or walks with friends because you're just not sure how it will go

And instead you can...

✅ Bring your calm dog into stores

✅ Smile with pride at your relaxed dog when you meet someone

✅ Have a conversation with someone as others walk by

✅ Walk with a friend and their dog!

✅ Head to the park, parades, picnics or playgrounds, relaxed, knowing your dog won't react

➕ Or maybe you've always wanted your dog to become a therapy dog, but their leash reactivity is stopping that dream.

Well...you CAN do all that. You and your dog CAN achieve all of this and you both deserve that peace of mind. And this class is your first step to opening up a WORLD of adventure and opportunity and enjoyment.

or you can email us at askthetrainer@pawspetpad.ca or give us a call on the good ol' telephone at 780-900-8639 ext. 3

Leash Reactivity Class Description

Open up a world of possibilities!

Course Length:       4 hours (1 hour a week for 4 weeks)
Price: $210 plus gst

Pre-requisites:        Dogs must be 7 months old

Certification:           Alberta Canine Learning Academy Leash Reactivity Certificate of Completion

This is the course you've been waiting for! A leash reactivity course that helps your dog learn self-control around other dogs and their triggers and truly helps them move mentally beyond response to calm engagement.

​This course is about partnership and relationship. It's about building your and your dog's confidence and creating a team of two that you'll be proud to be part of!

​Using positive reinforcement along with desensitization and counter conditioning methods (don't worry, no need to know what these are yet; you'll learn the beauty of these approaches!), you will see a transformation.

​This course will help modify your dog's reactivity whether it’s based in fear, guarding or frustration.

This semi-private class offers you and one other person/dog duo a customized and personalized four-week session with lots of one-on-one trainer time and support, with a program plan designed to meet your dog's specific needs and address their specific triggers.

If you have any questions please email   askthetrainer@pawspetpad.ca


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