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Meet The Team

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Head Trainer

Hi, I am Katie. With more than 10 years in the animal training industry, I am a recipient of the title CPDT-KA awarded by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. I received this credential during my work as the Head Trainer at the Edmonton Humane Society. In this role I learned the most current and scientifically proven techniques to modify dog behaviour. Previously, I worked in training exotic animal species using the same force-free methodology. I also received the title of DBTMc from the Edmonton Humane Society and became the instructor for this certification program. With a strong empathy for my clients, I am passionate about helping clients and their dogs find the training techniques that work for their lives.

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Senior Pet Specialist

My name is kenzie and I have been so lucky to be a part of the paws team for over 2 years! I’m currently enrolled in the course for fear free daycare and boarding! I have such a love for all animals especially dogs and cats! I have two family dogs and two of my own cats who have become my whole world. I’ve always had such a heart for all animals and I am so grateful to be able to share that love with your dogs too. 
I’m so happy to be apart of this amazing team to help us all expand and grow for all your pups! I’m always welcome to have a chat in the morning with you and I love to be the one to greet and care for each one of our furry guests each day

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Pet Specialist

Hello, my name is Shelby. I've always had a love for animals since I was little. I grew up with two pomeranians, and also a schitszu. I recently decided to pursue my dream of caring for animals. I'm currently enrolled in a 1 year Veterinarian Medical Assistant program. Paws Pet Pad has been a great opportunity for me to get hands-on training with working with animals. We get a variety of dogs that come in, and I quite enjoy meeting every single one of them.

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My name is Emily and I have had the pleasure to be apart of this incredible team for 3 1/2 years. I am OH&S  certified and currently enrolled in a course for Fear Free Daycare and Boarding certification. I have loved all your pups like they were my own. I am a sucker for border collies as I own one who suffered paralysis and made a miraculous recovery. I also have an Aussie Husky who really keeps me on my toes. My passion is for all animals and I will continue to keep providing endless care for all your pups! I look forward to meeting you and your lovely dogs

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 Dog Trainer

My name is Michelle Summers, I've been with Paws Pet Pad for just over a year now; I come from the hospitality industry, I was a chef for over 10 years before retiring and coming to work at Paws! It has been the best decision of my adult life, it brought me to this wonderful place. In coming to Paws. I am a force free certified boarding and daycare professional and a positive reinforcement/force free Certified Dog Trainer from Victoria Stillwell Academy! I look forward to seeing all your amazing fur babies and yourselves! 

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Pet Specialist

Hi I'm Mel! I have been around dogs my whole life! I can't wait to meet all your fur babies and keep them company until you return!

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Development Manager

My name is Manbir and I go by Mandy. I studied and completed  DBTM (Dog behavior and training methodology) program from    Edmonton Humane Society. I am a former Director of Care (Licensed Practical Nurse) at Rosedale Supportive living. I started practicing nursing in 2015 after completing post graduation at Niagara college, Ontario. I am an active member of CLPNA. After serving humans now it’s time for me to serve your fur babies. I found so many similarities in humans and dogs physiology. I am enjoying it as much as I enjoy nursing. I love meeting your fur babies every day and I ensure to deliver the best and safe care to your babies

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Hi, I am Vik. I am very proud to be part of Paws Pet Pad team. I am Alberta's second only CPACP  (Certified Professional Animal Care Provider). I also completed Pet First Aid certification from Walks N Wags. From childhood, I have immense love and passion for dogs. It will be fair to say that all my childhood memories are incomplete without the beautiful souls like Mini, Tipsy and Bruno. These were my pets who taught me what true love, care and companionship is. Currently, I am also studying DBTM from Edmonton Humane society. I am so excited to learn the science behind positive reinforcement and how useful and impactful it is in managing dog behavior. I am enrolled in Fear free boarding and training certification. In the past, I completed my Masters in Humanities and then Business management diploma from Mohawk College, Ontario. I look forward to meeting you all and providing best possible care and service to all your amazing pups.

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 Pet Specialist

My name is Abrianna Clarke. I love dogs and have six in total at home, five golden retrievers and a rescue from Houston, Texas! We breed our goldens and one of the puppies turned out to be mine, Tony, who’s in the photo with me


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Passion AND Professionalism


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