Why dog daycare?

Give them the gift of...

...being a dog

People are great at teaching dogs to learn skills to live in a human world, but only dogs can teach other dogs how to live in a dog world. How to play, interact, greet politely, communicate in their language, and be considerate.

...the gift of exercise

A lot of behavioural issues stem from frustration and boredom. Dogs need to move. Need to exercise, jump, run and play. They need to exercise their mind AND body to live content, full lives.

...the gift of friends

Dogs are social animals. They thrive in families and are relational. Sure, they love you, but they need friends. Friends to jump with, run with and play with and wrestle with like only dogs do. Dogs pick friends, and they'll even pick a best friend.

Give yourself the gift of...

...a new relationship with your dog

When your dog's very  basic needs are met, your time with them becomes more valuable. Your time becomes about building a relationship and working together to live well together.

...support and relationships that will help you achieve your goals with your dog.

Our daycare and day learning programs aren't about occupying. They're about educating. And it's to make their, and your, life better.

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