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Daycare for dogs used to be a place to physically tire them out and give them a chance to play with friends.

But we now know that "well-socialized" goes far beyond social engagement with other dogs and that confidence and security are at the root good socialization.

And most importantly, we know that there are very specific ways to benefit dogs across the social-comfort spectrum, and that a wellbeing daycare plays an important role in a dog's overall quality of life.



Providing socialization opportunities and supporting a well-socialized dog goes far beyond focusing on a dog playing with another (learn more here). A wellbeing daycare looks to all dogs across the spectrum to design programs that benefit each.

And the benefits for each and at each age differs, which is why personalized daycare programs are so essential.

Recognizing that the benefit is different means understanding that the needs are different. Different by age, by dog, by breed, by day. And our responsibility is to create something different for each dog.


The early months of a puppy's life are so crucial for shaping what is normal in their life, for building confidence, and for equipping them with the comfort and ability to handle the new and unknown with calm and confidence.

Many puppies are confident in their known world and with their known people, but if never given opportunity to develop confidence within themselves within new safe environments, they can become anxious or fearful when away from their family.

Daycare for puppies also gives them opportunity to learn the language of other dogs, and to be confident enough to be comfortable around various dogs' play styles.


For fearful dogs, having a personal program that creates security and builds their confidence within trusted relationships is essential.

A wellbeing daycare program helps a dog expand his or her circle of trusted relationships and gain confidence with us which translates to greater confidence at home and in their world. 

Participating in a regular confidence-building program plays an especially important role if you ever need someone else to look after your dog dog or ever need to place your dog into boarding.


Many dogs are nervous or apprehensive about meeting new dogs. They may not run way, they may not growl or react, but they may shrink down or try to hide and avoid.

These dogs benefit from a wellbeing daycare that sets them up for success, by helping them find their own confidence and then matching them with friends and opportunities that help them engage and enjoy others.

It also broadens their world of trusted people and environments and lays the foundation for positively introducing them to new people, places, or dogs.


With wellbeing about so much more than playing with others, a wellbeing daycare program provides engagement and enrichment opportunities for dogs without the need to be with others.

Engagement with attendants broadens their circle of trusted relationships and people and they grow comfortable and confident in a new environment.

Enrichment through activities, play structures, smells, sounds, people interaction and new environments provides mental stimulation, and introduces novelty and fun without the stress of other dogs for a day that contributes to their wellbeing and quality of life.


Little dogs are just that...little! And the world can be big, as can many other dogs.

Daycare provides opportunity for little dogs to play and run and engage with others their size and energy without large dogs running over them. It gives them the chance to let their big personalities shine in their little bodies, for them to build confidence with others and to explore a world that is just the right size for them.


For those that love to be with others, a wellbeing daycare reinforces their enjoyment and provides regularity and a chance for them to develop best friends within a community of similar play styles, energy, and sizes.

It allows them to broaden their circle of trusted people and places and if you ever need to board them, they have a secure home-away-from-home with a family of people and dogs. 


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