Your Dog's First Day

First Day Assessments

First-day assessments

The first step to all reservations

We do assessments Mondays through Fridays. Check-in by 9 a.m., and checkout any time after 4:00 p.m.

Advance reservations are recommended, but we're always happy to accommodate same-day when needed. Just give us a shout! 

Why a first day assessment

This first-day assessment allows us to get to know your dog and, even more importantly, lets you and your dog get to know us.

By knowing who they are, how they play, and which play group they best fit in, we can prepare and personalize your dog's time with us. 

Assessments for boarding
Since for boarding we do both social stays and private enrichment play, we need to know in advance what program each guest fits into and how we can best prepare and plan their stay. You can imagine how unsuccessful we'd be if we had 30 brand-new guests arrive on one day! We wouldn't have a good sense of who any of them are or how to set up good and safe play groups or how to help those needing private time or confidence building.

If you are travelling here from far, please give us a call or send an email and we can arrange to schedule your dog's assessment on their first day of boarding with us.

How the day works

Our trainers spend individual time with your dog getting them settled in and setting up structured experiences for them.

We don't throw your dog in with others or flood them with groups of dogs or lots of stimuli.

We first see how your dog does simply being with us and being exposed to the sounds, smells and energy while being in the privacy of their own play area.

Based on their comfort level, confidence and body language, we then introduce a single dog and then, as appropriate, build a group up from there mixing males and females. 

At every point we respond to your dog's signals and allow them to set the schedule of what they're comfortable with.

Our trainers put together an assessment report on which we base their play profile, and we provide you with a report card and recommendation for whether they're best suited for social enrichment, our Confidence Learning and Social Skills program (CLASS), or our private enrichment program.


At the end of the first day, we'll let you know how they did and review their day with you. We'll also send a report card and photo in the afternoon to give you an extra peek into their first day!

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Existing Clients

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New Clients

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