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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to enrich the relationship between you and your dog and transform your expectations for standard of care for your dog. 
We will change the way you think about dog daycare and boarding services.

We believe we are not here to meet expectations, but to set them. To create a better place, teach a better way, and build a stronger community.

We are responsible for providing a safe, engaging and educational place for dogs to learn, grow and reach their full potential by meeting their emotional, psychological, physical and social needs through positive training, intentional engagement and social opportunities.

We are responsible to provide a supportive environment of learning and education for owners to equip them with the information they need to best understand their dog and how to meet their needs and build the best family with them.

As caregivers and educators, we are obligated to pursue ongoing education, to always strive for better and to always be advocates for the dogs in our care and our communities.


  • We act with honesty and integrity

  • We pursue ongoing education, evaluate trends and incorporate proven theory into our programs

  • We believe in being a responsible community citizen

  • We are accountable for our actions and take responsibility for each decision, action and outcome

  • We work together to provide the best customer and client care

  • We are passionate about the safety of our employees, our guests and our clients

  • We believe in educating and innovating to transform attitudes toward pet care

  • We practice positive, fear-free training that reinforces the positive bonds and builds on a relationship of trust




Step 1: Set up an account online

Step 2: Book your assessment day online through your account or give us a call at 780-900-8639 ext. 2 


101-4105 65A Ave, Leduc, AB T9E 0Z4, Canada

(780) 900-8639

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