A little about the team


Owner and Chief Administrator

Paws Pet Pad was born out of my love my dogs, my desire to transform the industry and my vision to bring a force-free, positive facility to the region.

I wanted to create a place that nurtures everything great that dogs do and that supports and enriches our clients’ relationships with their dogs. A place for fun, for learning, for connecting. And I wanted to create the kind of place that I would leave my dogs in and know, with absolute assurance, that it’s the next best place to home.

Carrie Dorion

Academy Director & Head Trainer

Carrie is a true talent! Her connection with dogs drives her to learn more each day. She is a force-free positive relational trainer whose role models and instructors include leading force-free and positive trainers. Carrie has completed her Dog Behaviour & Methodology Training Certification and is preparing to write her CPDT-KA  exam.

Experience, Education & Passion

About our Pet Specialists

We're extremely proud of the skill, experience and talent our managers and specialists bring to the dog daycare and boarding, and of the breadth of experience among our dog trainers.

​​Employee Training

Being a Pet Specialist as an important job requiring a lot of skill. A love of dogs is a great start, but it takes knowledge, learning and practical experience to properly, safely, and effectively care for our guests.

Pet Specialist Certification

First Aid

We require pet specialists to complete both pet and human first aid certification.

Practical Learning

Pet specialists mentor under senior specialists and our trainers to expand their skills and understanding of various training philosophies and approaches.

FetchFind Certification

Each specialist completes courses in dog safety and handling, advanced dog knowledge, health, and teaching basic behaviours.

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