Dog Boarding

Total comfort for them, complete confidence for you

The Difference of Boarding with Paws Pet Pad

Setting the standard of care for your dog

Private bedroom-style suites

Board your pup alone or with their family members. Full walls and a windowed door give your dog a sense of safety, security, and familiarity. We personalize the suite to your pup!

We have suites ranging in size from 22 sq ft to 56 sq ft.

Indoor and outdoor play parks

We have five indoor/outdoor play parks and one indoor play park for the littlest of the littles in winter.

We divide our play groups by size, play style and temperament and have lots of of supervised play time with rest periods tailored to each guest. 

Trained specialists

Our Pet Specialists complete a thorough training program covering safety and handling, first aid, advanced dog knowledge, health, characteristics of breeds and teaching basic behaviours, and attend webinars and in-person training seminars with local trainers to learn various positive-reinforcement and force-free training methodologies and philosophies. Learn about the training required for our Pet Specialists.

Positive Reinforcement

​We manage our play groups positively and manage and direct behaviour. We don't spray with water bottles, pin dogs, yell at them, or otherwise use aversive techniques.

Everything we do is trust-based and relationship-building with the goal to build your dog's confidence and ensure their safety and happiness.

24/7 live security and monitoring

Live monitoring, temperature sensors and alarms, motion and sound detection and direct connection to fire and police provide the best security and ensure the safety of your dog.

Play & Rest

Throughout the day our guests alternate between learning and fun sessions and rest. Rest is essential to re-energize our guests and have them enjoy their stay to the fullest.

Check-in/out hours

Mon - Fri:  5:30 am - 8:45 am; 11:30 am - 12:15 pm; 3:00 - 8:45 pm (latest check-in at 7:30 pm)

Weekends. 7:00 am - 9:45 am; 12 pm - 1:45 pm | 4:00 pm - 6:45 pm

Holidays: 7 - 9:30 am; 4 - 6:30 pm

Regular check-out is by 8:45 am weekdays and 10 am weekends. Your dog is welcome to stay for check-out day of daycare after these times for regular daycare price.


What we're doing

We have implemented strict protocols for check-ins, outs, and payments.

Social and Private Boarding

For social guests and those needing private stays

A mix of social enrichment, rest and rewarding play

Dogs that stay with us for social boarding participate in our dog daycare in monitored play groups and rest in private suites.

Each stay is personalized for each guest so it’s like they're on a little vacation of their own.


Enjoy your time away knowing your furry family member is happy, safe, and having a fantastic time.

Three suite sizes: Deluxe ($42/night) and Premium ($46/night) and Executive ($65/night). Discounted price for additional family members in any suite: $34/night.

Required for puppies under 6 months

Puppies have special needs. Under six months is a very important developmental period and requires special care and consideration.

Puppy boarding includes specialized accommodation in our quiet front room as required, raised bed and bedding, pee pads if needed, special time with attendants, chew toys, extra opportunity for potty breaks, personalized play and rest program and puppy bath.


Puppy play time is either in a personalized social group or in a private enrichment program with attendants based on your puppy's unique needs.

Private Play and Enrichment

We understand not all guests are comfortable in groups or enjoy play with others. For any reason, we can offer our private play and enrichment boarding option.

Guests stay in fully-private suites and have lots of indoor/outdoor play time throughout the day and evening in one of our large private play areas. 


Our private play and enrichment boarding option is also "all inclusive" in you don't have to pay extra for privacy, for extra bathroom breaks or play time, or extra love and attention from our specialists. That's all included!

Three suite sizes: Deluxe ($42/night) and Premium ($46/night) and Executive ($65/night). Discounted price for additional family members in any suite: $34/night.

For the special petites!

Specifically for those special petites! Our premium petite suites give your pup the closest experience to home possible. Guests stay in our front training office or have a spacious private suite. 


A specialty Kuranda bed, soft padding top and bedding, private and quiet play space in our teeny-tinies play group and lots of love from our specialists makes this the premier experience away from home.

How to Book

Existing Clients

Book online through your account, email or call 780-900-8639 ext. 2 with your request.

New Clients

​Step 1: Set up an account online

Step 2: Book your assessment day online through your account or give us a call at 780-900-8639 ext. 2 to schedule

Edmonton & Leduc Dog Boarding

Times have changed; so should the way your dog boards.

Paws Pet Pad raises the comfort and fun factor for dogs and your expectations for dog boarding kennels in the Leduc and Edmonton region.

We designed our private suites, our play areas and our schedules with our own dogs in mind. It was important for us to create a place we could feel confident leaving our own dogs.  And because of that, we offer so much more than just the traditional experience of a dog boarding kennel. 

So what can you expect for your dog when you board with us?

Whether your dog is in our stay and play program or our private enrichment program, you can expect:

  • A personalized stay customized to your dog

  • indoor and outdoor play areas with no limitations on bathroom breaks or exercise

  • private suites with full walls and a windowed door for your dog to rest alone or stay with a family member or two

  • private meal service with their regular meals

  • lots of fully supervised play time! Indoor and outdoor alone, with a sibling, or with their friends.

We offer more to Edmonton and Leduc and to those starting out their search for a boarding kennel.

What can you expect when you pick us to care for your dog?

  • Daily report cards with an update and photo

  • Confidence knowing your dog is known personally, and that their stay is customized to their unique personality and needs

  • A happy, content dog, sleepy at the end of the day

  • All the answers to any questions you have 

  • Trainers supervising your dog during play times

Enjoy your time away knowing your furry family member is happy, safe, and having a fantastic time.

Personalized stays

We personalize boarding stays for puppies, older dogs, or dogs that need help with their social skills.

We know no two dogs are unique, and we know peace of mind for you and your pet is the most important when picking a place for your dog to stay. 


We are located only a few minutes from the Edmonton Airport and 15 minutes from South Edmonton. We are easily accessed from the QE2 and have clients from throughout Edmonton and the region. 

Our extra long hours can often accommodate odd flight hours (just ask!) and we try to work with your schedule to minimize your time away from your dog.  

All dogs checking into Paws Pet Pad must be in good health, not exposed to nor had any contagious diseases for 30 days prior to their visit, and must be up-to-date on all of their required vaccinations or present a current titre test showing immunity

101-4105 65a Avenue, Leduc, AB. T9E 0Z4