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Big changes to boarding, daycare and training for fall 2018! Introducing the Canine Learning Academy

We're over a year in, and we're taking everything we've learned, experienced and heard, and we're making some big changes! We set out with the mission to transform the industry and change how we all think of dog care and services and we're well on our way. Construction on these are underway!

Canine Learning Academy

We're increasing our focus on training and transforming ourselves into a learning centre. We're going to be weaving education and training throughout all our programs and services! We've made some updates to our website and will be updating further in the coming weeks!

Day Learning Programs

This may be what we're most excited about rolling out! We're rolling out and revising our Day Learning Programs to go hand-in-hand with our daycare. Our first program to launch is Skills School! Skills School is a whole new concept that combines daycare with personalized training for your dog.

The goal is to maximize their time with us and help them and you reach your goals more effectively and for much less than traditional training models.

Skills School offers training and behavioural support for those who need help harnessing the power of their play and learning how to have good social and play manners.

Day School

We're revamping our Day School program to make an even better impact on your dog and help them gain the confidence and skills they need to join regular daycare play groups. It's been great running Day School this past year, and we've taken all we've learned to help us create something even better!

Oh My Dog Luxury Spa

We are really excited about our partnership with Oh My Dog luxury spa in Windermere. Their facility is unlike anything we've seen, and when we met with them, saw what they offer and experienced their service, we knew this was the way to go for our grooming services.

Trainer Certification

We are really proud of our three trainers and attendants who are preparing to write their CPDT-KA examinations! All three are currently enrolled in mentorships and additional certification programs to bring even more modern, progressive and positive training to our facility. They are working on incredible curriculum and helping usher in the era of the Canine Learning Academy in Leduc.

Facility Certification

We are also really proud that we are pursuing independent certification through the Professional Animal Care Certification Council and are writing that examination next month. Having a PACCC-CPACM is an important way to hold ourselves accountable to higher standards of care.

Littles Lodges & Lounge

Just for the teeny tinies! Littles Lodges and Lounge is Paws Pet Pad's teeny-tinies-only boarding suites and play park! Customized "lodges" provide a cozy and comforting home away from home with direct access to our littles lounge for them to play during the day, nap in the sunshine, or curl up on beds or furniture. Construction is underway!

Zen Den

We know for every dog who loves to play, there is one who loves to chill. Enter the Zen Den! a place for chill pups and those with lower energy or more of a penchant to reflect than romp.

The Zen Den also plays an important part as support for our social rehabilitation program. Our Zen Den guests are a welcoming and supportive group to those who need to build their confidence around others.

Larger outdoor play parks

We're expanding our outdoor area! We're adding in a few new play areas and expanding the total outdoor area.

Enhanced security and 24-hour monitoring

We've modernized our security and brought in Telsco security for 24/7 monitoring with temperature sensors and alarms, motion and sound detection and direct connection to fire and police.

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