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Dog Daycare - not just for play!

We sometimes get asked "why can't I see my dog in all your playgroup photos?". That's a great question, because it means you're looking and you care!

You want the best for your dog. And so do we!

And that's why you won't see your dog out in play all the time. Dogs, like people, need rest. Daycare is stimulating. It's filled with new dogs, old friends, smells, noises, snuggles, games, learning and fun.

That's a lot to take in and process. And just like people, not having a break or a rest can cause impatience and crankiness.

So we provide rest periods for our guests based on when they arrive and when they indicate they need a rest, so they're always in the best mindset and having the best energy to get the most of playtime and being with their friends!

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