Puppy Parties!

Due to COVID-19, puppy parties have been suspended. To provide the essential socialization opportunities, we have specific puppy day care that provides safe social opportunities with our attendants and other puppies in a calm, puppy-appropriate environment to support their social development and their confidence building.

Puppies spend time with other puppies or with carefully-selected play mates to ensure they have positive confidence-building experiences with new people, sounds, smells, surfaces and dogs. We build their personal play program based on what they let us know...on how comfortable they are with us and in each new situation. We go on their pace and in response to what they tell us they're comfortable with. Every step along the way is founded in trust and relationship-building.

To book your puppy in, simply request their first assessment day of daycare or a regular day of daycare if they've been with us before, and we will automatically have them participate them in a care and play program based on their age and development.



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