• Jennifer Giesbrecht

Why not tours at any time?

We get this question occasionally, and somewhere, someone has put out the idea that if a facility won’t accept you for a surprise tour at any time, then they have something to hide and they’re not a good facility.

While I can’t speak for why other facilities don’t have open-door policies, I can say why we don’t.


The safety of the dogs in the building with us and our employees outweighs everything. We run very intentional programs and our attendants all have very specific roles and responsibilities when they are on duty. Every person has a role to play in ensuring dogs’ needs are met, that every dog is safe, and that every employee is safe and supported.

Accepting a tour at any time means someone is pulled away from supervising a group, supporting another employee, running a program for a dog, taking care of feeding or medications, taking care of clients checking in or out or from any other aspect of a very scheduled day. We don’t run overstaffed and don’t have someone we can pull at any time to give a tour.

Bringing someone into the building while our programs are running and we have groups of dogs in play and mid-program also means we would be introducing new energy and brand new people to the building. Dogs react to new people when they walk by their yard; dogs will react if we bring new people into the back where are groups are running. This can cause hyperarousal and excitement and can compromise the safety of the group play environment.

We would love to show you how we operate, explain our programs and show you our facility, but we will only do so when we can ensure we can safely focus on you and have time to answer all your important questions.

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