• Jennifer Giesbrecht

What goes into creating a day of dog daycare?

At our wellbeing-based daycare, we run very intentional programs to match each day's guest. While the photos we post each day make it LOOK magical and fun, a LOT goes into designing each dog's day so that it IS magical and fun.

Even if the same dogs come on two different days, the days will still be different. The day's energy...the dog's experiences they had the night before, or that morning, or on the way in...who dropped off the dog...how each dog feels physically...and which attendants are managing play group....all these things and more mean each day is as unique as each dog.

Before the day programs begin

Designing a day isn’t simple and takes a lot of consideration and awareness. Every day our trainers look at the list of the day’s guests and review each dog’s personal play profile. They review dogs based on size, play style, confidence, temperament and known friends to create the day’s social groups and also compile the CLASS and reACTIVATE program schedule.

During group programs

During group engagement and play time, our trainers and specialists monitor and watch groups very closely for how members of the group engage. No two days and no two groups are alike with the same dogs, meaning how each dog engages with and responds to others can vary.

Based on these engagements and everything that is being communicated by each dog, our trainers sometimes make modifications to the play group by adjusting one dog’s program that day to spend activity time in our private enrichment park instead of the social engagement group.

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