• Jennifer Giesbrecht

Naked play makes for a good day!

Being au natural.....is there anything more freeing? Running free in the wind as nature intended....completely unfettered and unrestricted. Pure bliss!

We are, of course, talking about your dog playing while at Paws Pet Pad!

There's a very real and a very good reason our guests stay and play naked, and that reason goes beyond just how good it feels for your dog to be as naked as the day they were born.

The dangers of a collar

Every year, dogs die of collar strangulation. This can happen when a collar gets hung up on a piece of furniture, a fence or a doorknob, gets caught in the wires of a crate or kennel, or gets caught in the jaws during play.

Moving around the house or yard, resting in a crate and playing with a friend should all be safe and benign activities. But collars, when left on, can present very real safety dangers.

Collars and play

During daycare, we see a lot of play behaviours. And a favorite move is for one dog to grab and play with the scruff of another dog. There's nothing wrong with it when both play partners are well matched and having fun, and the two can tussle and romp for what seems like hours.

The danger lies in the collar. It's all too easy (and there are countless stories being collected by one safe-collar company) of play companions getting their collars caught together, or of one's jaw getting caught in the collar of another, and serious damage happening to one or both dogs and the person involved, or even resulting in death.

The best of the stories result in a terrifying moment and both dogs being freed by a witnessing human, but the worst result in major damage, near-death or death.

And that's why we play naked. There is no risk of a jaw getting caught when there is no collar to get caught on.

Breakaway and "Safe" collars

Many folks aren't comfortable with the idea of their dogs being in the yard, at home or at the dog park without their identification on their collar. And moreso than that, city licenses must be displayed on dogs when out in public.

PetSafe has created a collar designed to break-away when pressure is applied. They have hooks around the breakaway portion so that when walking your dog there is no fear of it coming unclipped, but once unclipped from the lead, there is a safety backup that will pop open.

If not wishing to have a totally naked dog, and when out at the park or for when having your dog play with others, the breakaway collars can be a good option.

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