• Jennifer Giesbrecht

Dog Boarding - Same industry, different services

We were recently asked "You're more expensive than other local places. Why would I come to you when I can get an equal service for cheaper?"

Our answer? Because we're not the same. We're not equal.

There are Cadillacs and there are Hondas. Each will get you from A to B. Each is a car. But neither is priced the same, and that's because they're not the same.

And we're not the same. We're very different. Our play groups are monitored by attendants in the playgroup with limited numbers of dogs. Not all local daycares have attendants in the actual playgroup with the dogs.

Not all daycares have simultaneous outdoor/indoor access, for whenever nature calls.

We are the only full-suite boarding facility in the region offering large bedroom-style rooms for each guest, with ample room for large or small dogs.

We accommodate raw and kibble diets. And we don't charge for extra snuggles, extra playtime, or for our day school work to ensure each guest gets the best out of their time with us.

We are different, and we are proud of that. We are local Leduc citizens who wanted to offer something different and set a new standard. And with extra service, with extra amenities and attendants' time comes a cost. A different service for a different price.

We love when people come for tours, because people see, smell, and feel the difference. And our guests reflect the difference. We've broken the mold, we've made something new.

We are in the same industry as others, but we are very proud that we're not the same, and love that we are, in fact, very different.

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