Leash Reactivity

Walk with calm and confidence

Next class starts: Saturday, January 9, 4 pm - class will be online or in-person depending on AB Government announcements


Course Length: 6 hours (1 hour a week for 6 weeks)
Price: $350 plus gst

Pre-requisites: Dogs must be 7 months old

Certification: Alberta Canine Learning Academy Leash Reactivity Certificate of Completion
Led by: This class is led by a certified trainer specializing in aggression, reactivity and behaviour modification.

This is the course you've been waiting for! A leash reactivity course that helps your dog learn self-control around other dogs and their triggers and truly helps them move mentally beyond response to calm engagement.

​This course is about partnership and relationship. It's about building your and your dog's confidence and creating a team of two that you'll be proud to be part of!

​Using positive reinforcement along with desensitization and counter conditioning methods (don't worry, no need to know what these are yet; you'll learn the beauty of these approaches!), you will see a transformation.

​This course will help modify your dog's reactivity whether it’s based in fear, guarding or frustration.

This class gives you and your dog a customized and personalized six-week session with lots of one-on-one trainer time and support with a program plan designed to meet your dog's specific needs and address their specific triggers.

If you have any questions please email carrie@pawspetpad.ca



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