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CLASS Program Daycare

Confidence Learning and Social Skills (CLASS)

If your dog is nervous or fearful around others or in new situations, this program is for you.

Sometimes we even meet dogs who are calm and confident with mom or dad, but who become nervous or fearful or unsure once they're in a new place and without their familiar family.

For these guests, we have this program, which offers a safe place for them to build relationships with us and grow in confidence so they can slowly, safely be introduced to others as they are ready. We have had great success with this program and with creating strong bonds of trust with dogs. That trust is the foundation for them to learn to be comfortable around other dogs and in new or social settings.


What it is

The CLASS program helps nervous or fearful dogs develop confidence so they can begin to be introduced to others and develop social skills and confidence. 

This is not a training program, but is a support program. If your dog is reactive (barks or shows "aggression"), we have training programs to help with that behaviour.

Who this program is for:

  • dogs that exhibit some fearfulness, but who aren’t reactive to others 

  • shy or nervous dogs

  • puppies unsure of new or older dogs

  • senior dogs not comfortable in groups

How does your dog join this program?

The CLASS program is not a program you enroll your dog in, but is a program we will put your pup in based on their needs after our comprehensive first-day assessment process. If you think your dog may benefit from this program, simply sign up for an account and request your pup's Assessment - First Day of Daycare.

Schedule or frequency

There is no set schedule or frequency for your dog to attend; However, confidence building is trust-based and building a dog’s trust occurs with consistency and investment, and we need to build on progress.


  • If your goal is to build your dog's confidence to be comfortable around other dogs, then consistency and a schedule that we can build on is suggested and we can work with your schedule and availability to put that program together. 

  • If you simply need an intermittent safe space for your pup while you're occasionally away, and you have no longer-term goals, we can have your dog join us for intermittent CLASS days that focus on your dog's trust and relationship with our attendants.


Because each dog is so very unique, with a unique background, feelings, and experiences, and as they continue to have experiences away from our programs, there is no guarantee as to a timeline. This is not a training or behavioural modification program, but builds on the dog’s demonstrated comfort level and response to new situations or dogs.


At any point when a dog is participating in our CLASS program, they may become better suited to our private enrichment program if they begin to display reactivity to others. 


The CLASS program takes place on regular daycare days, Mondays through Fridays. If your dog is in the CLASS program and is boarding with us over a weekend, your dog will participate in our private enrichment play for the weekend.


The CLASS program is the same cost as daycare! There is no additional charge for this support service. Just book your pup for a regular day of daycare when you reserve, and we'll know how to personalize your dog's day.

How to Book

Existing Clients

Book online through your account, email or call 1-866-734-2262 ext. 2. Just request a regular day of daycare and we do the rest!

New Clients

​Step 1: Set up an account online

Step 2: Book your assessment day online through your account or give us a call at 780-900-8639 ext. 2 to schedule

We care about the health and safety of your dog

All dogs checking into Paws Pet Pad must be in good health, not exposed to nor had any contagious diseases for 30 days prior to their visit, and must be up-to-date on all of their required vaccinations or present a current titre test showing immunity

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