COVID-19: What we're doing


Ensuring the health and safety of your dog has always been our priority, and we're very good at it. We are well-practiced in disinfecting protocols and also in mitigating virus transmission between our furry guests, which translates to conscientious practices for our human clients. With recent events surrounding COVID-19 and the potential incredible impacts to our human clients, we have implemented strict protocols for checking in and out, for payments and retail sales, and for interacting with our attendants. 

We understand we provide an extremely important service for the individuals who are caring for our communities, and we are proud of the steps we have taken to make sure we can stay open safely and support you.

We continue to respond day-by-day to the evolving situation to ensure we are placing the safety of you and our employees (and always the dogs!) before anything else.

Text to check in or out
So no one has to ring any front buzzer, we have set up a "text to pick up or drop off" system. The front door is locked between chekc-in and outs. Text the phone number on the door once you arrive and we'll come forward for you.

One-person one-dog in the lobby policy to maintain social distancing

Only one person in the lobby and one dog at a time. We have marked a "safe spot" on the floor when you enter. Remaining there ensures we are all practicing safe social distancing throughout your check-in or out.


Single point of contact check-in or out

When you arrive to check-in or out your dog, the only thing you will be touching is the door handle. We provide disinfecting wipes for you to take and ask you to disinfect the inside and outside door handle for the next client. 

Electronic or online payment options
Payments can be made online through your account or in-person by visa or debit. We disinfect the debit machine between each use.

Itemless and contactless boarding check-in

We provide all beds and dishes for your dog. At check-in, we'll have you pour your dog's food from your container into one provided at the front, with no touching of any items in-store. You will take your dog's leash and collar home with you.

Thank you for your ongoing support and for your patience as we do respond day-by-day to the evolving situation and recommendations. We appreciate everyone following our protocols. It is important to us to provide safe services to our communities, and we want to do the absolute best we can at each step.

Stay safe and well,

Jennifer, Paws Pet Pad owner

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