Conversations with Carrie

Support, conversation, advice and insight 

Conversations with Carrie is a time of support, advice and conversation led by trainer Carrie Doiron.


This hour brings together a small group of dog parents experiencing similar challenges, frustrations or experiences with insight, advice and feedback from top trainer Carrie Doiron.

Topics themes var by date and the content is determined by what you specifically ask.

Next conversation dates:

  • Saturday, December 12 at 5 pm online via Zoom.
    Topic: Aggression in Dogs

  • Wednesday, December 16 at 7 pm online via Zoom. Topic: Puppy everything!

Classes are $30, and each class is limited to eight participants. 

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Why conversations with Carrie?

It's like a support group plus more

YOU ARE NOT ALONE. We talk with so many dog parents experiencing similar frustrations or challenges, and it seems every person feels alone in what they're going through and feeling.

Guilt...frustration...anxiety...sadness.....helplessness....not a day goes by that we don't talk with someone feeling these things when it comes to their dog. And the worst comes when you feel ashamed or embarrassed about not having a "perfect" dog and feel helpless as to what to do next.

We want YOU to know, you are NOT alone.

And that's why "Conversations with Carrie".

We want to bring you together with other dog parents experiencing what you help you learn from each other, to be a support for each other, and to connect you directly with answers from a certified trainer that can shed some light on what you're going through.

Each conversation will feature a set topic, and you're welcome to share with others your frustrations or challenges or just listen in to learn from others' scenarios and the sage advice and feedback from the trainer.

Each conversation is limited to eight participants. Price is $30/conversation and all conversations are conducted via Zoom so you can participate from the comfort and privacy of your own home.


About this class

This is the most important class for you and your puppy! What you do in your puppy's early months shapes so much of their life with you and your relationship with them. This class goes beyond teaching cues and the premise of obedience; it teaches you how dogs learn and teaches you how to set the foundation for your puppy to grow into a calm, well-adjusted dog. 

This beginner course focuses on training you and your dog to become a team. You'll learn the vital part of being a responsible owner and how your decisions now set the foundation for their future. 

Though this class, you'll gain practical, useful skills and essential basic commands. These basic commands are the foundation of a solid, positive relationship between you and your dog and will help you get the most enjoyment out of life with your dog.


By the end of this course, in addition to understanding how to teach your dog in ways they will understand, you and your dog will be able to demonstrate various behaviours including:​​

  • Name recognition

  • Sit

  • Down

  • Hand touch

  • Massage

  • Collar grab

  • “It’s Your Choice”

  • Drop it/take it

  • Stay (sit & down)

  • Recall

  • Loose-leash walking

  • Trick

  • Proper socialization skills, and how to meet other dogs and new things in the environment.



Course Length:       6 hours (1 hour a week for 6 weeks)

Price: $210 plus gst 
Location: Paws Pet Pad
Next Start Dates: ​Please set up an account and login to view

Open to puppies ages 8 weeks to 6 months.        

Puppies must be under 6 months by class start date. One set of vaccinations must be complete.

Certification:           Alberta Canine Learning Academy Puppy Basics Certificate of Completion

We hear a LOT of people say:

  • my dog is aggressive

  • my dog doesn't get along with others

  • my dog freaks out if he sees another dog on walks

  • my dog has food or toy aggression

  • my dog protects me

  • my little dog has "little man" syndrome

  • my dog nips at my kids


And we know that with these statements comes the feelings of helplessness because you're just not sure "what went wrong" or how to change it. And that's what this conversation is about.

It's about getting real feedback specific to your situation and of sharing with others who are going through exactly what you are and who want to get to the same end result as you.


Your dog is a wonderful and complex creature who thinks and learns very differently from you. And we're here to help you understand what's going on behind your furry friend's incredible eyes so that YOU can not only understand why things are they way they are, but also how to help change them to the way you want them to be.

This is the first step to changing how things are.


Are you getting a puppy? Already have a puppy? Have questions, frustrations, exasperations or curiosities? If you wonder about any of the following or feel thwarted by your puppies puppyness and busyness, this is the conversation for you!

  • How can I stop my puppy's biting?

  • My puppy jumps!

  • My puppy can't be alone

  • Why does my puppy keep peeing in the house?

  • My puppy is scared of other dogs

  • My puppy keeps chewing ALL the things

  • How do I teach my puppy to walk on a leash?

  • How come my puppy cries in a crate

  • Is my puppy aggressive?

  • How come my puppy chases my kids and bites their ankles?

  • My puppy is scared of their harness/vacuum/brooms/men....why?

You've welcomed this foreign furry creature into your family, and you speak the language of love, but do you communicate and comprehend in canine? This class will give you insight into why this fuzzy fluffy creature is doing exactly what they're doing and behaving in the way they are.

Somewhere along the way puppies go from adorable little snuggle bugs to busy, energetic active little fur balls with minds of their own and complex and confusing behaviours and responses. And what we do during this puppy time shapes them for the rest of their life and is the foundation for the future years.

And that's why this conversation is the one for you. It will equip you with the knowledge you need to understand your puppy, inject more joy into the early months and will let you know you are not alone in your puppy raising joys and frustrations. 

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